Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anxiety Journal #11 - Quality of Life Improvement

It's been three months since I posted an anxiety journal, and if you couldn't tell from the title, it's going pretty well actually. When I last left off early august, I started juicing. This had some real positive effects which allowed me to continue improving. I transitioned from juicing to working out and adopting a healthy bodybuilding, high-protein diet.

I've made the following modifications to my life in effort to see improvement:
  • Tried juicing diet
  • Began taking daily multivitamin and B12 supplement
  • Adopted high protein diet
  • Started working out
  • Changed the time which I take my medication from morning to bedtime

The reason I haven't posted in three months is because I didn't want to give an incomplete picture and not be able to talk about the results of these experiments. I couldn't say everything's going great and then have panic attacks the next day and lead some poor soul to the same fate. Luckily I haven't had a panic attack in well over half a year.

In the three months, I juiced for one month and I've been working out for two. In the first month the results of juicing gave me an enormous amount of energy I hadn't felt in years. I went from being unable to get off the couch to getting up and washing dishes, taking out the trash, just trying to be useful and active in some way. I made sure I took a multivitamin and I tried taking 250mg tablets of B12 as well which worked well for me. The energy had a great effect on my outlook and I started seeking active ways I could keep improving my health.

The extra energy let me explore the curiosity I've had for a while to try my apartment building's gym room. At first it was really hard to find the will, but I just pushed myself and told myself I had to do it. Had to do SOMETHING. It really kicked my ass, which was well overweight at this time from the months of being unable to do much physically. I was sore and knocked out for a couple days after, but forced myself to try again.

As I started to research how to lift weights properly, I found I had to change my diet drastically and tried taking sports supplements to help me get going. This also went surprisingly well. None of the supplements I've tried have had any effect on my anxiety, except BPI's 1MR. It gave me the best and most intense workout I've had, but once I got home I had some heavy anxiety on the couch once I stopped being active and still had all that energy.

If you have an anxiety disorder and are working out, I'd just advise to be careful with pre-workout supplements. Especially if you're in the USA. Here in Canada the regulations are a lot stricter and we don't have the dangerous ones. Just be wary of stim products, or take them at half a dose.

As it stands now two months later, I'm taking the following supplements without issue:
My results after two months are very noticeable. As I was overweight, I've trimmed down a lot and dropped two inches off my waist. I'm looking more muscular and getting a lot of compliments, which has had a great effect on my confidence and outlook on life. I'm a lot less negative, and actively going out in the world again.

Lastly, taking my zoloft at night rather than in the morning had a huge effect on my fatigue as well. Turns out the biggest portion of my daytime fatigue was due to my pill. I always had a hunch since I'd wake up, take it, and then pass out for a few hours. Even so, I thought it was just tied to my anxiety. Now I take it with a casein protein shake about a half hour before I want to go to bed and I start falling asleep right on schedule. It's still pretty difficult to wake up, but I have more mental focus before noon than I used to.

To wrap this up: eat healthy, get active, focus on the present.

Until next time.

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